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Thank you ...Hawaii 

Click on the beautiful birds.
Music is in all growing things...

  "And underneath the silky wings

  Of smallest insects there is stirred

  A pulse of air that must be heard;

  Earth's silence lives, and throbs, and sings."
                    - Music of Growth

Hawaiian-American litterateur, 
author and poet (1851 - 1898) 
George was born August 25, 1851, in Honolulu, Hawaii.
"Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice.

 It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."

- William Jennings Bryan, 1860-1925
Hawaii is the only state in the USA built entirely of volcanic materials.

 Each of its islands is made up on one or more massive shield volcanoes rising from the ocean floor or from the flanks of its neighbors. 
Listen to the "Song of Hawaii."
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Hawaii Week for the Animals 
is for Everyone!
Click rabbit to hear "She's Music to Me" by Ekolu.
You Might Be Surprised To Learn These 13 Famous People Were Born In Hawaii
Aloha from Hawaii
Elvis loved Hawaii. Click Elvis.

~January 8, 1935-August 16, 1977~
Captain James Cook  

( November  7, 1728 - February 14, 1779) was a British explorer, navigator, cartographer, and captain in the Royal Navy. Cook achieved the first recorded European contact with the Hawaiian Islands.   
" I think I have something tonight that's not quite correct for evening wear...Blue Suede Shoes. "
                            ~Elvis Presley

Hawaii Week for the Animals
 Is for Everyone!
President Barack Obama 
born August 4, 1961

Kapiolani Medical Center 
for Women and Children, Honolulu, HI.
Peter Gene Hernandez, 
known  as Bruno Mars, 
American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and choreographer. Born Hawaii
 Oct 8, 1985.
Pictured with his 1st dog, Geronimo.
Actress Nicole Kidman 
Born June 20, 1967  Honolulu, HI
Hawaii, a U.S. state, is an isolated volcanic archipelago in the Central Pacific. Its islands are renowned for their rugged landscapes of cliffs, waterfalls, tropical foliage and beaches with gold, red, black and even green sands. Of the 6 main islands, Oahu has Hawaii’s biggest city and capital, Honolulu, home to crescent Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbor's WWII memorials.
Capital: Honolulu
Statehood granted: August 21, 1959
State flower: Yellow hibiscus
Hawaii Colleges and Universities 
University of Hawaii at Manoa · University of Hawaii at Hilo  · Hawaii Pacific University
Jim Nabors 
 June 12, 1930, 
Sylacauga, AL
November 30, 2017, Honolulu, HI
Visit the USS Arizona Memorial, Battleship Missouri, Bowfin Submarine, Aviation Museum, Lolani Palace, National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Punchbowl Cemetery), USS Oklahoma Memorial & explore the historical events that unfolded on 
Dec 7, 1941.  Click on Pearl Harbor. 
Pearl Harbor 
~Surfing was invented in Hawaii. 
~You can mail a coconut from here. 
~Maui's Mount Haleakala is the largest dormant volcano in the world. 
~We wear white pants after Labor Day. 
~Maui is home to a Frank Lloyd Wright design. 
~Hawaii is the only U.S. state with two official languages.
“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

- Orhan Pamuk, 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature. Born Jun 6, 1972
“Pets understand humans better than humans do.” 

– Ruchi Prabhu